Monday, February 25, 2013


Just completed this commissioned piece for a customer. BeertooD2 (18”) After several mugs of liquid inspiration while viewing StarWars for the umpteenth time BeertooD2 was born... or should I say drafted? His 4.7 liter keg body, aluminum double boiler pot, vintage shoe polisher legs and mini bread loaf pan feet have proven popular with the over-21 crowd...may the force beer with you.
Although I never, rarely...OK, not often, repeat a design, these mini-beer-keg-R2D2-inspired creations have brewed up quite a following. This is the fourth in the series and they have all been created using a Heineken keg. Hopefully my next bot request will be from someone with a differnt adult beverage preference. A New Castle fan possibly...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gear Head vs Gear Head version 2.0

My first Gear Head was created from an '50s air compressor, an aluminum dental training skull (?), Mt. bike gas shock and old chain drive gear. I really like how this turned out. Below, The proud new owner and humble artist.
And my latest, Gear Head 2.0, the result of having some fun with old Erector set parts. I incorporate bicycle brakes, slide door parts, gears/bearings & a vintage blender base. Currently on display at Arts and Crafts Cooperative Inc.(ACCI Gallery) in Berkeley, Ca.