Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Who says robots can't have fun? I have to admit that finding (...preparing?) the parts for this bot were as much fun as actually creating it...hic! I've just returned from a job in Amsterdam and for some reason this beer icon was on my mind. Well, it just kinda fell together...can't wait to fabricate my next beer-bot...ah, the robots of summer.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Roboto robusto

Here's my "fat" entry for this weeks Illustration Friday subject. After checking out Illo Friday's new format which breaks out different categories, I wanted to try an assemblage creations. My wife suggested that the caption for this bot would be...I gotta stop SuperSizing!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Under the Sea Palooza

Here's my Illustration Friday "Under the sea" offering. This is a really rare rock poster from way, way back in the 1980's, featuring ClamHead and the Electric Sturgeon. The reason this poster is so rare is that the Electric Sturgeon only performed ONE concert...and this was it! Some say they were ahead of their time, others say the band's problems was that you just couldn't understand any of the bands lyrics, Rolling Clam Magazine's Crab Cakes is quoted as saying ..."sounds like they got a mouth full of mackerel!" There was one thing this band was famous for though...GROUPERS!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Nude Robot

Here's a few pics of a new robot I've just completed. If you'd like some insight into where I drew my inspiration for this guy take a gander at the story below...

New robot inspiration

Who remembers "The Visible Man" and his ultra hip gal sidekick "The Visible Woman"? I'm referencing the plastic-you-build Revell model made from 1959 thru 1977. No...where have been living the last few decades...a place called Reality? You have to be something like 27 years old now if you want to buy the glue for these model...the same "brain-wave-altering" glue which was included in the box years ago. I never had one but one of my best friend from fifth grade had a nerdy brother who had both the Man and the woman. I just though they were kinda weird. Can you believe I now have to go all the way back to my pre-teens for my robotic inspiration. So there you have it, now I've made myself, well, visible...that's what I was attempting to create or re-create...the visible robot...of course I had to rename it for the new millennium, thus the Nude Robot is born...plus "nude" is a much more popular search word.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Greetings organic matter....I am Hydroflame.
The following is a list of some of my better personal features - vintage hairdryer, ice bucket, old kitchen blender, butterfly axle nut, turnbuckle, bicycle hubs, goose-neck lamp, lug nuts, vegetable scrubber and assorted bolts and gears.

I realize that Illustration Friday requests only one submission per person, I appologize, this is my second, but I wanted to share this robot with you.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Pipboy Heavy Weaponry

Pipboy Heavy Weaponry
Originally uploaded by xtopher42.
I really like this retro cartoon style. It reminds me of the art from the original Monopoly board game we played as kids...well not the big ol' ray gun but the dudes face and his 50's hair and that fact that he only has four fingers!? Who do you think decided that cartoon characters only required four fingers? I can see it now, some lazy studio cartoonist was doing this drawing and thinking "...well I gave him two eyes, a nose, two ears, a couple of arms and legs...I'm kind burnt-out...four fingers oughta do it!" Whoa...got a little off track...anyway I like this illo style.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

recently risen from the junk heap...mothra

I found this old moth trap tin, dated 1950, at a garage sale and the guy just gave it to me...I guess he felt that the market for moth traps was drying up..(insert dumb reference about moth balls here). I mean the thing's never been used, so of course I drilled a couple of holes, cut up a mellon baller, tore apart a set of bicycle caliper brakes, tossed on a couple of reject track lights and added a few bits from an old typewriter...press-to-change-o...MOTHRA. I was going to call him Moth-killer...sounds way too extreme or No-Moth-er, but that just sound weird! Anyway I felt it was absolutely necessary to share this worthless dribble with you...all two or three of you...hello?

Friday, April 21, 2006

my 1st Illustration Friday attempt...isn't art fun!

My bro, Boogerballs, told me about www.illustrationfriday.com. This weeks topic...Robots...how could I refuse. Here's my offering which I title "robo bar".

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

OK, OK I've been AWOL for the last couple of days! So what! My sites been view twice, that means I'm talking to my wife and maybe my brother...anyway, you guys, this is for you...

My latest twisted Lockwasher assemblage piece is apply named "iROBOpod". There's always been a few items laying around the shop that didn't fit as part of a ray gun, rocket ship or stand alone robot and the "head" of iROBOpod is one of them. Sporting matching flashlight eyes and window clasp ears this metallic Mr. is ready for some real rockin'. From his vintage ice crusher handle nose to his custom "skinned" minty fresh tin ipod our robo dude has a license plate (Illinois, 1961 to be exact) to travel.

Hopefully you'll soon be able to find him @ your local Apple outlet, 7-11's and other fine retailers in the tri-county area.


Thursday, April 13, 2006

robot of the day

Greetings earthlings! Come on in, grab an astro lounger and take a load off your feet. You've landed at the new Lockwasher Design blogsite where you'll get to learn about my "found object" assemblage space sculptures/toys...what fun we'll have!? Alright, OK, maybe it won't be that much fun but you just might learn something in the process...not into learning? why don't you just go ahead and move your desk to the back of the class mister trouble maker! (...wow, I've definitely heard that before).

The little guy you're seeing is called 61. He got the name cuz there was a small hole on the back of his "strainer" head where I removed the handle. To cover up the hole I pop-riveted a small section I cut out of an old license plate...actually a 1961 Illinois plate. Ta dah...robot 61 is named (didn't I say this was going to be fun?).

I've been wanting to set up my own blog for a while but have been way too busy (lazy) to get it done sooner. So enjoy and be sure to check back later for new stuff as this is my first day/attempt and I'm already a little tired and may have to take a quick nap before...I get...(yawn)...to the next.......zzzzzzzz