Thursday, April 13, 2006

robot of the day

Greetings earthlings! Come on in, grab an astro lounger and take a load off your feet. You've landed at the new Lockwasher Design blogsite where you'll get to learn about my "found object" assemblage space sculptures/toys...what fun we'll have!? Alright, OK, maybe it won't be that much fun but you just might learn something in the process...not into learning? why don't you just go ahead and move your desk to the back of the class mister trouble maker! (, I've definitely heard that before).

The little guy you're seeing is called 61. He got the name cuz there was a small hole on the back of his "strainer" head where I removed the handle. To cover up the hole I pop-riveted a small section I cut out of an old license plate...actually a 1961 Illinois plate. Ta dah...robot 61 is named (didn't I say this was going to be fun?).

I've been wanting to set up my own blog for a while but have been way too busy (lazy) to get it done sooner. So enjoy and be sure to check back later for new stuff as this is my first day/attempt and I'm already a little tired and may have to take a quick nap before...I get...(yawn) the next.......zzzzzzzz

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Anonymous said...

Your robots are adorable!