Tuesday, April 18, 2006

OK, OK I've been AWOL for the last couple of days! So what! My sites been view twice, that means I'm talking to my wife and maybe my brother...anyway, you guys, this is for you...

My latest twisted Lockwasher assemblage piece is apply named "iROBOpod". There's always been a few items laying around the shop that didn't fit as part of a ray gun, rocket ship or stand alone robot and the "head" of iROBOpod is one of them. Sporting matching flashlight eyes and window clasp ears this metallic Mr. is ready for some real rockin'. From his vintage ice crusher handle nose to his custom "skinned" minty fresh tin ipod our robo dude has a license plate (Illinois, 1961 to be exact) to travel.

Hopefully you'll soon be able to find him @ your local Apple outlet, 7-11's and other fine retailers in the tri-county area.


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neilornstein said...

Your robots are delightful.