Saturday, April 29, 2006

New robot inspiration

Who remembers "The Visible Man" and his ultra hip gal sidekick "The Visible Woman"? I'm referencing the plastic-you-build Revell model made from 1959 thru 1977. No...where have been living the last few decades...a place called Reality? You have to be something like 27 years old now if you want to buy the glue for these model...the same "brain-wave-altering" glue which was included in the box years ago. I never had one but one of my best friend from fifth grade had a nerdy brother who had both the Man and the woman. I just though they were kinda weird. Can you believe I now have to go all the way back to my pre-teens for my robotic inspiration. So there you have it, now I've made myself, well, visible...that's what I was attempting to create or re-create...the visible robot...of course I had to rename it for the new millennium, thus the Nude Robot is "nude" is a much more popular search word.

1 comment:

HARDWAX said...

Looks a great deal like a visible human being-i love that! Have you ever noticed how robots are trying to horn in on the human experience. So beautiful!